Unveiling Nepal: Aszad Family’s Himalayan Adventure

Aszad Hossain Khan Shubho was filled with a delightful dilemma before planning his Nepal tour: should he really venture out amidst the monsoon season?

The desire to visit Nepal, the “Daughter of the Himalayas” and a neighboring country, had been lingering in his mind for a long time. However, due to the devastating earthquake of 2015 and the COVID-19 pandemic, his plans were repeatedly put on hold, until finally, in 2024, the opportunity arose, arranged by Chhuti.

The Aszad family (wife Marufa Akhter; their two sons Asad Aanan Khan and Ariyan Arin Khan) had previously traveled to Bhutan as vacationers, with Chhuti, an experience that left them with unforgettable memories. Nepal, too, captivated their hearts with its breathtaking natural beauty, charming hotels and resorts, and impeccable transportation arrangements. Uttam, their guide-cum-driver, remained with them throughout the trip, providing exceptional service that exceeded their expectations.

Nepal unveiled a different world to them, one devoid of towering skyscrapers, gleaming flyovers, and sprawling highways. The capital city, Kathmandu, in particular, exuded a rustic charm. Small, old houses lined the narrow streets, interspersed with tiny shopping malls.

Yet, amidst this simplicity, there lay an undeniable beauty. For Aszad, who grew up in the old town of Dhaka, Kathmandu’s Thamel area held a special allure. The ancient houses adorned with exquisite craftsmanship were a feast for the eyes. Strolling through a narrow alley, one might suddenly stumble upon a small house with a lion’s head door knocker – a carved wooden door flanked by two stone lion sculptures. Such unexpected gems were scattered throughout the city, demanding a pause and a moment of appreciation.

The Aszad family’s journey to truly experience Nepal, the “Daughter of the Himalayas,” began with a trip to Nagarkot. The weather was clear, revealing a panorama of Himalayan peaks standing tall in the distance, forming a natural barrier that had protected Nepal for eons.

Next, they spent a night in Chandragiri, enjoying the cable car ride and the tranquility of nature. Their next destination was Pokhara. Along the way, the car snaked between mountain rivers and waterfalls, with towering peaks reaching towards the sky. Small tea shops and quaint hilltop villages dotted the landscape, while an abundance of unfamiliar trees, flowers, and the intoxicating scent of fresh air filled the air, creating a heavenly experience.

As they departed, they couldn’t help but wonder why they hadn’t explored this enchanting country, so close to Bangladesh and without any visa hassles. The beauty of the land and the warmth of the people had left an indelible mark on their hearts. Satisfied with every aspect of their vacation, they now turned their attention to planning their next adventure with Chhuti. The possibilities were endless, and the journey continued.