Cox’s Bazar Bliss: Rekindled Family Moments by Nafi’s Lens

Cox’s Bazar Bliss: Rekindled Family Moments by Nafi’s Lens.Nafiul Alam Chowdhury, software engineer and Managing Director of Jadewits Limited, was not just the one capturing these memories; he was the architect of them. Though he was absent from his own Facebook photos from December 2021’s Cox’s Bazar trip, his invisible hand guided every heartwarming frame.

This was planed in a rush but Chhuti team arranged accommodation and travel very beautifully for his family and in-laws.

This was not just a Victory Day holiday getaway for Nafi’s family; it was a tapestry woven with love, laughter, and reunions. Sadia Afrin, his wife, held down the fort with their child, while parents, siblings, and even their beloved pet cat joined the merrymaking.

Saintmartin Travels’ sleeper class bus provided a comfortable journey from the Arambagh area of Dhaka, setting the stage for carefree joy. The Exotica Sampan Hotel, nestled beside the sun-kissed beach in the Kalatoli area of Cox’s Bazar, became their home away from home.

Days were spent basking in the golden glow of the Cox’s Bazar sun, laughter echoing between splashes in the turquoise waves. Stolen moments between parents and children, whispered secrets between siblings, and quiet contemplations alone on the shore—each image captured a unique thread in the family’s shared tapestry.

As the trip drew to a close, hearts brimmed with bittersweet longing. This annual Cox’s Bazar reunion, captured through Nafi’s lens, wasn’t just a vacation; it was a promise reaffirmed—a promise of enduring love, shared laughter, and a lifetime of memories to cherish. Cox’s Bazar Bliss: Rekindled Family Moments by Nafi’s Lens.