Two Sisters Reunion: A Family Trip to Sylhet-Srimangal

This heartwarming story is about two sisters, Naureen and Tania, living on opposite sides of the globe.

Fueled by a desire to reunite and celebrate family joy, they embarked on a three-day journey to Sylhet-Srimangal in Bangladesh. The entire trip was meticulously planned by Chhuti, a trusted destination management company (DMC).

Naureen, a US expatriate, dreamt of experiencing the lush tea gardens of Sylhet. Recalling a previous positive experience with Chhuti, she contacted them through their Facebook page. Her Bangladeshi sister, Tania, a banker by profession, readily jumped in, assisting with communication and arrangements.

From accommodation and food to travel and sightseeing, Chhuti orchestrated the entire trip. December 16, 2022, Victory Day, marked the beginning of their joyous adventure. A large group of family members, including their parents and children, boarded a spacious Toyota High Roof Hiace van accompanied by an experienced driver.

Over the next three days, they soaked in the vibrant sights and sounds of Sylhet and Srimangal. Their itinerary included exploring the scenic Lalakhal, the mesmerizing Ratargul Swamp Forest, and the serene Sada Pathar area. A delightful culinary experience awaited them at the traditional Panchbhai restaurant in Sylhet. No trip to the region would be complete without visiting the tea gardens, where the two sisters and their family captured beautiful memories in photographs. Before returning to Dhaka, they delved into the verdant Lauachhra Forest and marveled at the cascading Madhavakunda Waterfall.

Naureen and Tania’s Facebook feeds were soon brimming with pictures capturing the essence of their unforgettable reunion. The joy of reconnecting with family, the breathtaking beauty of nature, and the seamless service provided by Chhuti made this trip truly special.