Luxury Cast Swaps Celebs for Sangu Rafting in Bandarban

Forget plush hotels and polished tours. When adventure beckoned in Bandarban’s remote Thanchi, Bangladesh’s top celebrities embraced a thrilling challenge—a rustic escape with no electricity, scarce internet, and basic living.

Gousul Alam Shaon, the renowned advertising Guru, his wife Nuzhat Islam Fima and their children, and a stellar cast of actors and models (Bijori Barkatullah, Intekhab Dinar, Tanven Sweety, and Ripon Tahsin). Events Guru Shaiful Azim Mohim and his only wife, Sharmina Nasrin, joined with their two sons and daughters. ILO Bangladesh Communication Specialist Farhana Alam Swarna and her husband. And lastly, their friend Md Al Jamil, his wife, Tilottoma Dewan Tila and their son.

The September 2017 trip was not a vacation; it was an expedition. Their destination was a border resort called ‘Simanta Abakash’ run by the Bangladeshi Border Guard (BGB), tucked away in a quiet valley between roaring rivers and beautiful mountains, with only the sound of birdsong to break the stillness.

Luxury took a backseat. Generator power flickered for a few hours daily, food was simple, and the internet was a distant dream. Yet, with each sunrise, the adventure unfolded.

Narrow motorized boats cut through the rushing Sangu, transforming into an exhilarating river-rafting experience. Life jackets donned, everyone, from seasoned stars to giggling children, embraced the thrill of the rapids. For hours, this stretch of the river became their playground, etching an unforgettable memory in their hearts.

Reaching Remakri, a majestic waterfall beckoned. Inhibitions were shed, and everyone leaped into the cool embrace of the cascade, laughter echoing between the rocks. This was not just a trip; it was a reconnection to nature, a rediscovery of joy in its purest form.

The return journey was tinged with the bittersweet pang of goodbye. But the stories, the laughter, and the adrenaline rush of the Sangu remained, a treasure trove of shared experience far more precious than any five-star luxury.

For these top stars, Bandarban was not just a scenic escape; it was an adventure etched in their souls, a testament to the magic that awaits, not in distant lands, but right within their own home country.