Terms and Conditions

  • Each visitor must have a valid document of identification
  • The rates and itinerary given are only valid for Bangladeshi passport holders, and there may be additional expenses for some places or services for non-Bangladeshi tourists
  • Guests are not permitted to carry any unlawful items or weapons, and if they do, the Chhuti or the competent authority will not be held responsible
  • Chhuti, the hotel authority, the driver, or the service provider will not be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage if guests fail to keep their mobile phones, handbags, wallets, baggage, and other valuables under their own control
  • Guests are responsible for their personal safety
  • In the odd event that Chhuti is unable to provide the previously specified hotel or service, the guests(s) will be offered alternatives of similar quality
  • Visits to any of the museums, places, parks, or locations listed on the itinerary are subject to their being open on the day of the visit following the regulations of a competent authority
  • To avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus, one must abide by all health regulations outlined by the local authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • All prices are exclusive of taxes, VAT, tips, and service charges unless otherwise specified
  • Prices are typically subject to change depending on the availability of the airlines, accommodations, surface transportation, entry tickets, cruising, and other services, as well as currency exchange rates
  • Payment in full in advance is required at the time of confirmation of the trip or services
  • The availability of the service is not guaranteed by a quote or verbal communication; confirmation of the service is only available upon full payment
  • The exact price will depend on the availability at the time of booking, and it is subject to change
  • The booking once confirmed is not transferrable
  • The cost of the upgradation of services, additional soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and coffee while on a tour is not included in any quoted price and will be charged separately based on consumption
  • The guest(s) is/are responsible for paying any additional costs in cash on-site that are not included in the package prices
  • Any damage or harm caused by the guest(s) must be directly made up to the hotel or service provider
  • Any extra expenses incurred due to a flight cancellation or delay, traffic congestion, road obstruction, guest’s delay, natural disaster (such as a landslide, flood, cyclone, etc.), political unrest, or sudden increase in the price of fuel, etc., shall be covered by the guests for in full on the spot
  • A surcharge shall be applicable for single-occupancy accommodation or traveling
  • Child policy will be determined by specific hotel, transport, and service providers
  • Chhuti is a tour operator that takes the best possible care while acting merely as an agent for accommodations, travel, or other associated services as specified in the schedule
  • Chhuti does not own or operate any of the transportation providers specified in the itinerary, including any airline, rail, surface transit, bus, coach, cruise, hotel, or other related services
  • Chhuti disclaims all liability for any subpar services rendered by any of the aforementioned parties, including guides, or for any harm, loss, or damage brought on by the negligence of any management or staff members of any hotel, airline, cruise line, bus or coach company, or other transport providers
  • Chhuti and/or their agents shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible to the guest(s) or any person traveling with the guest(s) for any irregularity, death, sickness, injury, accident, loss, damage, delay, discomfort to a person, property, or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation, adventure program resulting directly or indirectly from natural calamities, acts of governments, breakdown of strikes, wars, civil disturbances, or other causes.
  • Chhuti always holds the following absolute rights:
    1. To change, substitute, or remove any services stated in the schedule, including accommodations, transportation, and adventurous wildlife activities, if it is judged necessary or advisable
    2. To cancel the tour or service before the scheduled departure date; in this case, the company’s liability is restricted to returning all monies paid by the client without charging interest
    3. To refuse to accept or keep any individual as a tour participant at any time