Island Hopping: Eunus Family Discovers Sri Lanka’s Charms

Team Chhuti masterfully crafted a Sri Lankan adventure for Mr. Abul Fazal Eunus, his wife, Dr. Shamma A. Jahan, and their two children in early January 2024.

Their family friend Masud Rahman, a seasoned traveler and enthusiast, took the reins, ensuring their seamless experience.

Colombo’s bustling heart welcomed them with open arms, a comfortable car, and a knowledgeable guide waiting at the airport. Negombo’s golden shores beckoned next, offering sun-kissed relaxation and charming coastal vibes.

The journey then moved inland, traversing the lush landscapes of Pinnawala and culminating in a night under Kandy’s mystical spell. From thrilling elephant rides to exploring sacred temples and deep green forests, each day unfolded like a vibrant tapestry.

Colombo, with its colonial charm and modern pulse, provided a perfect finale for their island escapade. As the Eunus family bid farewell to paradise, Team Chhuti’s magic lingered, leaving them with memories etched in gold.